Casino Customer Service Training

While building extraordinary casino customer service, large and small casinos alike have begun to realize that trying to compete solely on "marketing strategies" and "give-away programs" is not the best foundation to establish a solid business growth. Competing on the basis of casino differentiation is becoming increasingly difficult. What builds a solid customer base is the ability to make the guest feel comfortable and eager to return. That can only be accomplished when every employee shares the attitude that the guest is supremely important and is committed to making that guest feel as comfortable as possible. Every service person, cashier, casino dealer, or any other front-line employee must create an environment in which each decision and action is designed to make the customer's experience better than it would have been had the guest been dealing with the competition. Service Training Information!

Executive Mentoring

In today's corporate world, we are often confused by two different terms and support systems meant to help in executive development. One term is executive mentoring a support program often used inside corporations to assist young executives. It's almost like having a "big brother" or "big sister" inside the company for new or emerging managers who are trying to develop their abilities and competencies. Mentors provide advice on corporate politics, career development activities, and how to get along with bosses, peers and subordinates in general. Executive Mentoring Information!

Others Available:

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- Focus Groups
- Improve Business Performance
- Secrets of Success

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